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Also see CTP Plate specs and storage tips.

Computer to Plate Benefits
CTP gives almost instant colour register on the press and there is no need to worry about stopping the press to delete dust marks and scratches that sometimes came from the film.

In a world where reducing run lengths mean that many press runs are getting shorter and shorter, the benefits of CTP are getting increasingly important – specifically the improved make ready times allows printers to get the jobs on and off the press faster.

CTP allows printers to increase the yield and quality of their main asset – the printing press. CtP allows these improvements to be done without a need to increase labour costs, if anything the automation often frees up labour for other tasks.

Benefits of CTP:

• Labour costs. Busy plate-making rooms can be done away with as plates are delivered to your door ready for the press.

• Quality. A first generation dot imaged directly on a plate bypasses the film intermediate and allows new levels of quality to be achieved. For some publications this means more advertising revenue since the overall print quality is superior.

• Press productivity. Particularly for colour work, the rapid make-ready and register means that jobs are turned around faster and the printers’ main asset (his press) becomes more productive, increasing revenues and profits.

CTP Specs and Requirements here

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