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Paul M Taekwon-Do Presents:

First Aid Course
Held at Paul M Papakura

Date: Saturday 8th March 2008
Start time: 8:00am
Finish time: 12:15pm
Number of participants: Maximum of 24

They provide: Course books, instructors,CPR manikins, certificates

IMPORTANT!! Please bring: Pens for notes (course workbooks are supplied), comfortable clothing that may get dirty during scenarios (shorts or long pants are a MUST)

As this is a certificated course, the certificate can only be issued upon FULL attendance of the ENTIRE course.
i.e. - Arrive early, stay for the whole time)

This course will enable you to:

  • Identify and manage any immediate life threatening situations, eg no breathing, choking, major bleeding, etc.

  • Identify and assess any possible life threatening problems, e.g. shock, internal bleeding, head injuries, unconsciousness, severe allergic reactions to bee/wasp stings or foods.

  • Deal with fractures and determine when a student with a medical condition (asthma, diabetes, epilepsy etc.) needs to be seen by a doctor or an ambulance needs to be called.

  • Care for a student until help arrives.

This is a very hands-on and interactive course with lots of practical exercises. This is achieved with CPR manikins, by working in pairs and also with practical scenarios where participants work in small groups to deal with mock patients.





Shaun Tolley
Natasha Iotua
Brendan Doogan
Fery Tjandra
Gary Sawyer
Tracey Leybourne
Kane Raukura
Robert Meleisea
Courtney Meleisea
Marshe Hema
Terry Edwards
Donnamaree Edwards
Michelle Grocock
Mera Horton
Emma Howie
Waka Clencie
Vienna Parker
Ethan Parker
Heather Stevenson
Chris Henry
Florinda Petterson
Brent James Elliott