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Paul M Taekwon-Do & Dragons Spirit Papatoetoe Presents:

Date: Sunday 9th March 2008
Start time: 9.30am
Finish time: 5:30pm (ish)

De La Salle College, 81 Gray Ave, Mangere East.

Cost $50. Min age: 16. Any grade.

Numbers are limited.

A complete Reality Based Self Defence seminar. Covering all aspects of real violence from Awareness and Avoidence strategies, De-escalation strategies, Physical retaliation, as well as the aftermath of violence. This seminar includes Scenario Replications. Your opponent will always pick and choose the time, place, moment and setting of the confrontation. In this seminar, we anatomise the confrontation from start to finish and include time frame, mind set, clothing, environment, unforeseen variables, concealed/improvised weapons and more.


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COURSE FEE $50 PAY ON THE DAY (please be early)

Other information

1. I agree not to hold ITFNZ or Paul M TKD responsible for any injury I may sustain during the course.
2. I agree to notify the organisers at least 48 hours in advance if I am for any reason unable to attend, so that someone can take my place. If I do not cancel I understand I am obligated to still pay the course fee.

I agree to the above terms