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Amendments from the 2006 edition:

Updated with the new self defence syllabus.

Moved "meaning of the white belt" from 9th gup to 10th gup.

Changed 8th gup 3 step compulsory technique from backfist strike to reverse knifehand strike.

Updated 3 step "examples" to better match the compulsory techniques.

Updated rules from latest standards & Discipline document.

Updated NZ history section re Board of Directors and management committees.


ITKD Coloured Belt Techniques Handbook (2012)
by Master Paul McPhail
Only $20.00
(Free postage & Handling for iTKD members)

This is the latest edition (2012) of the ITKD Techniques handbook. Master Paul McPhail with the assistance of Mr Mark Banicevich and members of the ITKD Technical Advisor Group wrote this manual as guideline for gup gradings. It lists all techniques that should be known by the student at each belt level.

This edition also includes a bonus audio CD containing Korean pronunciation of all the required terminology, plus a complete dictionary of English to Korean words.

This handbook is issued free to every new ITKD member, but if you have lost yours or would like it as a give away gift to friends overseas, order a copy now.

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