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Empower Your Kids To Be Safe...
For Life
by Phil Thompson
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"I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this book to all of my parents in my schools - an absolute MUST READ!"

All children deserve to live safe, confident and empowered lives free from unnecessary fear and worry. This book shares what parents need to know to teach their kids how to be safe from predatory violence. It dispels the most common myths and beliefs around self protection for kids and delivers relevant, updated, highly effective information and strategies which are easy to understand, learn and remember. Most importantly, it does so without the fear mongering and scare tactics which do nothing to improve children's safety or quality of life. This book will empower kids with the skills and confidence to stay safe, as well as give parents a greater peace of mind.

This unique and comprehensive information will empower your children with vital safety skills, including:

  • Understanding the fundamentals of self protection for children in a way that does not frighten, but instead empowers them

  • Dispelling the common myths around self defence and self protection for kids, particularly the outdated and ineffective 'Stranger Danger' message

  • Realistic and easy strategies to recognise dangerous situations and how to take action to avoid or escape them

  • The 12 most common behavioural 'lures' used by child sexual predators. This information is absolutely crucial for all parents and children alike to know

  • How to become a 'hard target' and how to de-escalate dangerous situations to allow for escape, including how to deal with threats of violence

  • Understanding and developing 'Body Sovereignty', Personal Boundaries, and other important concepts for protecting children's right to be safe from victimisation

  • Online Safety – Highly relevant and up-to-date information to help keep children safe online

  • Effective physical self defence strategies which work against a larger and stronger attacker to enable the child to escape to safety

  • Easy frameworks to use to teach these concepts to your children

  • And a lot more! This book is a 'must have' for all parents committed to keeping their kids safe and empowered!

"This is the one book that all parents need to read to keep their kids safe! It is practical, relevant and packed with strategies that actually work for our kids. It will certainly change your views on a lot of what you have been told. All parents worry about the safety of their kids. After you read this book you will be able to worry less and put your concern only into places where it really matters and is needed. I highly recommend this book to all parents!"

Laura Mackey – Parent, and Child Safety Advocate

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