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"What you've produced is among the top five 'must have' items in the world of ITF Taekwon-Do. It is a beautiful, and beautifully done, record of important ITF history that, for the most part, is only handed down through stories. It is already one of my most cherished TKD items. I would definitely describe this as something every ITF practitioner, past and present, must have."

Mr Ed Newcomer

See the famous 1973 ITF Demonstration Team performing in Germany, featuring Masters: Rhee Ki Ha, Kong Young Il, Park Jong Soo, Pak Sun Jae and Choi Chang Keun - all 7th degree black belts. There is also never before seen film of the Second ITF World Champs held in Oklahoma City (1978).

This home video footage includes demonstrations by Master Park Jung Tae and Master Hee Il Cho, plus Master Choi Kwang Jo working out on the bag in his own gym!


Taekwon-Do Pioneers
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You've heard the stories of this kicking for the first time witness MASTER YUN KU YUN at his prime in 1975!


TAEWON-DO Pioneers DVD has been re-released to include this footage of Master Yun plus other old footage of the Massey University branch. It was also been replicated to true DVD VIDEO standards ensuring compatibility with all machines. Order your copy now.


This DVD contains historic footage of some of the original Taekwon-Do Masters. It is a priceless record of the early Pioneers of Taekwon-Do!

It combines the “ITF Pioneers” and “ITF Pioneers New Zealand” video CDs, re-mastered at DVD quality to give the best possible reproduction of this classic old footage. The original ITF Training film has been re-captured using the Telecine process (SONY 535, 3CCD Broadcast camera) for the best possible colour and definition.


Taekwon-Do Pioneers DVD Content
First Official ITF Training film (1973).
Released on Super 8 film with a cassette sound track. This has been digitized with the sound track in two parts.

ITF Training Film Part 1a: [25:00]

Introduction and commentary by General Choi Hong Hi and Mr Robert Walson. Includes patterns Chon-Ji to Eui-Am with demonstrations of 3 step sparring, 2 step sparring, breaking, self defence, model sparring and foot sparring. Features Masters Park Jong Soo, Choi Kwang Jo, Kong Young Il and others.

The film also shows footage of the 1973 ITF Demonstration Team in Germany, featuring Masters Rhee Ki Ha, Kong Young Il, Park Jong Soo and CK Choi. This is followed by Bag work and kicking drills by Master Kong Young Il, free sparring and self defence techniques.

Part Two of the Official ITF Training film.
Unfortunately there is no sound track available for this footage.
ITF Training Film Part 2a: [18:00]

Part 2 was distributed to ITF recognition plaque holders and is very rare. Unfortunately the quality is poor and there is no commentary track for this footage.

Includes stretching, patterns Choong-Jang to Ul-Ji (with Ko-Dang instead of Juche, which replaced it in1984). Patterns Moon-Moo to Tong-Il feature Master Park Jong Soo. Finally, it includes free sparring by Master Kong Young Il and tournament rules by Master Park Jong Soo.

ITF Classic Footage
This is truly classic footage - never before seen - including the Second ITF World Champs held in Oklahoma City, USA in 1978.

ITF Classic Footage: (No sound track) [8:09]

Home movie footage of the second ITF World Championships including amazing demonstrations by Master Park Jung Tae and Master Hee Il Cho. Shows special techniques competition featuring Mr Ron Sergiew from the UK.

Bag work by Master Choi Kwang Jo and demonstration by Master Hee Il Cho in Hamilton, New Zealand in 1979.

Master Young Ku Yun - 1975 {1.07]

Arguably one of the best kickers in the world, Master Young Ku Yun was captured after a grading demonstrating some of his amazing kicks. This footage was lost for over 30 years, recently re-discovered in a garage gathering dust. Enjoy this one minute of classic footage.

Old New Zealand Footage 1974 - 1981 [17.24]

Upper Hutt Club

Here you will see demonstrations by the Upper Hutt and Miramar clubs in the mid 1970's.

Massey University Club – 1977 and 1978

This is a great example of how training was in the 70s: fast and hard. You will see the Massey University club in outdoor training sessions lead by Mr Gerald Joe and Mr Michael Lowe.

Miramar Club – 1981

Great old demonstrations by the Miramar club featuring Masters Evan Davidson and Paul McPhail, now the two senior Instructors in New Zealand.

General Choi in Brisbane – 1981

In 1981 many Kiwis traveled to Brisbane to meet General Choi Hong Hi and participate in the South Pacific Championship and seminar. This shows
Master Young Ku Yun's famous side kick, demonstrations by the Indonesian Taekwon-Do Team and some footage of the tournament.

Home Movie – 1975

This home movie has been digitised from old super 8 film and sound tracks added. Features Master Paul McPhail, aged 13.

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