If you would like to share your memories of Portia or simply send a message of support please click here.

What can we say? The outpouring of love from family, friends, work associates, our Taekwon-Do family and even people we have never met... is simply amazing. We have read every card, letter and email... many times, and this has been so comforting. Many didn't include return addresses - or envelopes were lost in the maze of flowers and cards that swamped our house, so please accept our thanks to you all.

Thanks to Portia's Uncle - Mike, for putting so much love, energy and expertise into creating this website for us.

We will be updating it on a regular basis so please have a look from time to time. We would also love to receive any photos or videos you think we may not have.

Portia's beauty and kind nature is so clear to see in all the photos and videos on this site. That's just how she was in life and we treasured every day we had with her. We love you Min.

Paul, Nadia, Jonathan and Jacob McPhail

My thoughts and prayers are with you. The website is so beautiful and a wonderful testament to Portia and the love her family has for her.

Sue Alemann

Portia was such a amazing friend im so happy that i had her in my life she has changed my life and im so thankful for that . i remember when i first met Portia at a girls stand tall conference and i new nobody and she came and introduced herself to me and we have been friends ever since . i Miss you Portia Love you so much.

You all are such a amazing family your all in my prayers. This website is great.


Yooh hav an amazing daughter and by wat i saw at school she was a reali happy person! i always saw her smileing and always being positive! even though i dodnt reali know her jus seeing her smile always made me feel like smileing aswel!
my love is with yooh!


Although I didn't know Portia, I would like to share my support for her family. It is clear that she was brought up in a loving, caring, and open family. You can see she was one in a million, just by looking at her photos. I wish you all the best of luck.


Portia you were truely amazing! I will never forget the fun times & laughs we had at epic you always made everybody smile! I can't wait to see your beautiful smile again; But until that time comes I will never forget you!


I remember Portia as a fun, bubbly girl waaay back in our primary school days. I don't think she started in year 1, but I think she came in during year 2 or 3?? Her friendliness always made me smile, and she was always there for me for the smallest of things.

We always used to get up to mischief at the McPhail Homestead, for example: dropping the toilet roll in the toilet and getting it out with the kitchen tongs. I didn't want to tell your mum, but she assured me that it would be alright!! Many hours downstairs either on the computer, reading random books, or playing with the scooters. I loved every moment of it, and I hold those memories very close to me. We never lost contact after she moved to Elim which was good! But to hear the sad news made me want to come back to see Portia, and to come home to stay.

To the McPhail family, my family and I here for you at this time of sadness, and we will come and visit you guys next year (I won't forget).

And to Portia my buddy, I love you to the moon and back. I'm missin you sooo much, and I can't wait to see you and your gorgeous smile again!

All the love in the world to you guys,

Renee Rupapera

Portia poo :] You are so amazing. And i know that absolutely everyone that knew you will have the most amazing memories of your smile and how you just lit up the room. We miss you so much. And it hurts so bad, but i know that you're in a better place and that you're in Gods hands now. And he will look after you better than anyone else. I dream about you and Tash so much. That first day that i met Tash, at Epic and i was piggybacking you and she kept covering my eyes so i couldn't see where i was going. I miss you both so much. Say hi to tash from me :]
And i can't wait to be up there with you.
I'm not scared of dying anymore.
I love you so much <33



EVERYONE LOVED YOU!! You were an insperation to everyone!
You has the most magnificant smile, was a smile of an angel.

I remember everytime i went to hug nakita i wud accidently go to hug you because you looked like her haha =)

Will miss being around you and hearing your little laugh. Till the day i see you again, cya Portia

McPhail Family:

I still cannot get over your strength, All of you are amazing. I admire each of you. Stick Strong, and stick together (:

GodBless you

Danny Elliott 

Amazing girl, all amazing people. They are in a safe place up in Heaven, my prayers with the families affected.

Gone but Never Forgotten.

N. Synny

Portia was so funny, she was like asister to me because she was always over at my house =] i remember when i saw her and tash doing the high school musical song they looked so funny. Another thing i liked about portia was that she would always acknowledge me whenever she saw me.

Love you Portia!

Olivia Bray

Hey Portia!!!!! you are so amazing. We had the privilige of playing netball with you and you were just so supa

fantastic at it!!! You are such and amazing girl and we will greatly miss you!!!! LoveU4Always!!!

Sarah Bergin and Brittany McLaren

You are special. Ver special. You were intelligent and beautiful. Tears spilled will be for your love and

compassion for God. You really are an amazing person, Portia. A great friend. My opinion is that you are too good

for this world.

Love Annierose.

Even though i didnt know you, you sound like such a cool person.rest in peace. we all miss you alot i know you will be happy with your friends

r.i.p Portia


Portia, I miss you so so much babe :[

Golly I miss all of the good times we had together, especially at Epic! Hehe get lots of practice is so you can maybe win the arm hitting game for once!

We still have all of those bouncy balls we won at Extreme, and me and Trent went back and won more hehe.

Golly my life is so incomplete without you with me now. I love you Portia :]

We'll catch up soon though mmkay, and we can play the arm game :D

Mikey Mayhem


I had only met you once or twice but you still had such a big impact on me..always smiling and friendly to everyone..its tragic what happened but i know its not the end but the beginning...we will all see you again soon.. you may not be with us on earth but you are up in heaven smiling on us all..

To the Mcphails and close friends of Portia my prayers are with you
Stay strong.. u have endless support

Rest in Peace Portia

Allie C

Although you do not know me, I would like to say i'm sorry for what happend and have a lovley time in heavan.

R.I.P Portia.


Lily-Rose Redshaw

Hi. i didnt know Portia but what hapened made me soooo upset!! I just wanted to give you my love!! God bless and Portia Rest in Peace!!



wow i have never met you but wat an amazing girl you sound like who lived live to the ful and always made most of the opportunity. you will never ever be forgotten by anyway

Staci-Ann Thornton

Seemed the quite girl in the epic group! Always giving me that "what are doing look" =]. I am going to miss the little awkward conversations we had when candice was in the shower.

Candice told me that you stole my nickname for her "corndice"
=]. Over last year, i really wish i could of gotten to see your crazy side.

We will all miss you.


Portia Was A Great Friend In Class And Out Of Class. She Was And Is A Inspiration To Me.Portia If Your Reading This In Heaven I Miss You So Much.You Were Like My Little Sister, Please Help Me To Carry On With Life And Make You Proud!

Yours Truely And For All Eternity.


Heya portia! Dol i never meet you or knew you but looking at your videos & pictures you remind me so much of myself and had we ever met in our lives i think we would have got along just fine.

God bless Dol he will look after you just fine up there in heaven.

Rest in peace


hi portia, you might not remember me but i will always remember your smile and the way you were always having fun with your friends at epic! let me just say that you are an inspiration to me and many others. you've made me realise what is important in life, god, family, and friends. you have impacted so many lives and i no i will never forget you.

portia's family: woah you guys are amasing, it must have been such an honour to have portia as your daughter. keep strong, and i hope that it brings comfort to you to no that she is safe with god now! she is with you all the time, and you will see her again. you guys are in my prayers every night.

you are such a beautiful girl portia! i cant wait to meet you in heaven=] im not afraid of death anymore



Dear Portia,

Thank you for being a part of my life. you inspired me so much. i want to strive everyday to brighten other peoples days like you brightened mine. It was a great honour to have known you and i will never forget you.

Love always,

Daniel Adolph


whenever i saw you at school you would be smilin....I love you dearly and wish you wud cum bak for just a minute so that i can say goodbye to you...but i will see you soon and when i do...my arms will be around you with love...My goal this season is to play netball in memory of you...I love you poshie poo

Jasmine b

hey portia

u may not know me bt im jacobs frend jamies bro
oh nd u may rememba me wen u nd ur frend stole ma big orange bouncy ball in yr 10 nd u gt all da blame 4 it lol
well u seemed lyk an awsme gurl
cya in heaven
drive carefully up there lol

Gerard Spowart

To Portia,

wow, that tuesday night when i saw on the news about the missing people, i didnt think anything of it, then maybe an hour later it said they were from Elim college.
i was in such shock, i did all i could to find out everything i could!
and when i heard it was you and tash that had passed away, i didnt know what to do.. i was so upset.
so the wednesday after that i went to elim to see the bus come home, it was such a sad time. but the chapel was just so amazing and beautiful, all the love some many people have for you guys is incredible.

You were such a wonderful, bubbly, beautiful girl Portia. (: and im missing you so much!
you were quite the funny one too. :P
i rember at epic when me and nadia would jump around in the mosh pit with you stanging on the side you would just laugh at us. i always wished you would jump in and be crazy with us :D
and at parachute this year! hahahah that was so funny! on the last day when we were all packing up, you and candice just left your tent there. i was like "what are you doing?!?!" and youre like "oh its broken, we dont want it!" HAHAH that was so funny! and remember when mikey fell asleep on the chair with the sleeping bag, you put a sprite bottle on his head xD hahah legend!

so many fun times with you poo.
i saw on your bebo page and at your funeral you like that collide song by howie day, so i listened to it, then i learnt the guitar bit, for you poo (:
i try to sing but im hopeless! hahah!
well, im missing you heaps portia, love you a whole lot!
youre always on my heart, i think of you everyday!
cant wait to see you again!

and to the McPhails, you are such a strong family, its amazing how well you're doing. (:
ill be praying for you.
youre also all on my heart.


Hi there McPhail family.

You may remember me from St Andrews many years ago and from the Smith's homegroup.  I didn't get to know Portia as the young woman, more as the little girl with the huge smile that I vividly remember. Through everyones memories it has been good to get a glimpse of who she became. Thank you for raising such a wonderful young woman of God.

The funeral and all the wonderful people and what they said was amazing. It has given me reason to re think my spriitual life and where I have been going and work to  get back on track. I just wanted to say thank to you and to Portia for giving me a little light. I now know why I felt so strongly that I had to go to the funeral.

God bless to the family and friends.You are in my prayers.

Bryan McKenzie

i cant say i knew portia well. but i had met her a couple of times. and saw her quite a bit at parachute.
there a no words to desribe how awesome she was :D and the amount of times she made me laugh was amazing.
my heart is with all of you.
and you will be in my prayers.


Hi Paul and Nadia

Having just returned from living overseas, I was shocked and stunned to hear of the canyoning tragedy and your loss.  Your photos and videos certainly portray a remarkable and stunningly beautiful young lady, what absolute joy she must have brought you.  I so wish I could have met her (with credit to her tribute video... I feel almost as if I have!) You  must be so proud of Jonathon and Jacob.... what fabulous boys.  Paul and Nadia, you have never been far from my thoughts over the years (I was almost tempted to restart TKD in London!!) and it is no suprise to me, that your children are so special.

Anyway my friends, words simply can't express how very very sorry I am, I just wanted to let you know that my thoughts and love are with you and your family.

Megan Cornere

Dear McPhail Family,

As part of the Taekwon-Do family, I would like to express our deepest condolences on the loss of your greatly loved daughter Portia. From the letters I heave read, I understand there was great love between your family friends and Portia, and I'm sure this love will endure for all time.

Norman Bernard
President - NGB ITF Philippines & ITF Asia Federation

Dear family McPhail,

All the love and sincerest feelings for you and the friends of Portia.

Harry van Schaik


I have one memory of you and that was when i was in the tuck shop line next to you and i needed 20 cents, You looked around at your freinds and they all said nah, dont give him money, but u still dcided too. im gonna miss ya simle!!!

Jared Capill


Miss you darling.
Waving to eachother as you pass on your van to school.
Lokked though some netball photos lol we were such dicks.

rest in peace.

God is always with you.

love you sweetheart.

Hope goes out to portia's family.
big brother
Little brother
Hope goes out to portia's good friends.
Tash (R.I.P)
and all others.

keep holding on.

Kara Jones

hay porsh!

member all those good times during primary and intermediate? we will always going to each others places coz we lived right next door to each other. I'm gonna miss you so much... you loving, caring smile and that laugh was soooo awesome. I know you in heaven celebrating at the moment so i know i should be happy for you and i am. Nadia, Paul, Jonothan and Jacob... I love you all soooo much and know that i'm always here for you ok.

Luv you heaps,

Ashley Smith

Tender, beautiful words are  my expression of joy for having known and taught Portia over the years. Portia was a beautifully gracious girl who was an academic, sporting and social role model at our school.

Philippians 4v5 describes Portia perfectly."Be known by all the people for your considerateness; the Lord is near". 

Mandy Heim

helo to the McPhail family

how are you all doing, hope you are all coping ok i fink of you all the time.
this is realy neet idea of this web site for Portia from just wot fotos ive seen and the fings that mum an dad said she sounded lyk a neat an loveing sweet grl.
well i send ma love

Jess Campbell

Portia was a beautiful girl who was kind, caring, loving and much more! she had a great sense of humour and was loved by everyone around her.
love you loads
RIP Portia


Missing you..

Dear the Mcphail family

I am so sorry for your loss of Portia. She shared joy to everybody around her. She will be missed by everbody forever.

Remember to jump in puddles!

Mr McClean+


Love you all. You will always be in our hearts. See you in heaven.

Maxine Fouire

Dear the McPhail's

We are all so sorry about your loss. We will all miss your amasing Portia McPhail.

Javan Agutters

Hey portia and family.

Hope your holding on well.
I think of portia everyday and watch her tribute everyday.

I miss her dearly.
Shes so gourgeous!

Love you.

Love goes out to you guys you have such faith and its simply amazing!

rest in peace.

Kara Jones

Portia Caitlin Mcphail <3

(Poo, pandeey, catpoo, poosha, porshy poo,pushover portia, ferrari, pcm, bby, mehakaterikashi =P, lovebug, and my 100 other nicknames for you)

There is no words to describe how i am feeling right now. I miss you more and more each day. You were the light and love in my life, my bestfriend, otherhalf, soulmate, sister, partner in crime, hubby my everything =)
you were the most amazing girl ever =) I looked up to you so much even though i was noticeably taller then you..almost =) Your passion for life and God was so awesome, you had a true heart for helping others and im so happy to have shared your hopes and dreams for the future.

You comforted, helped, listened, cried, laughed, sang, slept, swam, jumped, danced, shared, talked, whistled, lived each day with me =) and I would give anything for that again.

"My strength and heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever" Psalm 73:26

I just cant get over how amazing you are babe <3 your so awesome I love you so so so much =D you make me happy when im sad,and you somehow still make me laugh so much =)

I cant wait to see you again baby girl.

"two are better than one" <3

Love from Candice =)


Candice Tallott
p.s "its our promise and our secret" <3 (11.4.08)

Dear Master Mc Phail,

Even though we didn't know Portia, i know she must have been a sweet and caring person like you. Just remember, you are in our thoughts!

Lots of Love

Tavnet and Avnit

Portia and me wernt that close i had met her a few times when she was in beachlands.

Everytime i saw her she was always smiling and laughing about something. She was the kinda girl who would look on the bright side of everything. Rest In Peace hun. God took you to prove to us he takes the best first. See you soon hun xOx

Kita - Leigh

From what i saw, Portia was an incredible talentes girl. My junior netball girls versed her little team in grading on 12th April. I went away to an outdoor event on Sunday/Monday and did a river crossing. I am truely deeply sorry for you loss and would like to give you my full support and the courage and strength you show now is incredible. Im sure she is having an incredible time in heaven and we will all be there soon. My girls were due to play the little Elim team again... you can count on it that my girls will be wearing arm bands. I knew tasha and i knew how much she loved Portia. My thoughts are with you.


hi i didnt know Portia but i am so sorry for your loss, you are so strong i know no words wil do but know that im thinking of you she was a beautiful girl. she was my age and just from hearing about all of them it has made me realise to make the most of everyday she reminds me of myself and from now on thats what im going to do. im going to tell everyone whom i love just how much i love them and i want to thank you and you Portia for teaching me this. stay strong for each other you bort up such a beautiful girl you must be fantastic people and i might one day get the privellege to meet you. gods garden must be beautiful he always takes the best all my love holly xx


We knew Portia through school...she was in my brothers class at Elim...

Hun, you were an amzing girl, WE MISS YOU HEAPS!!!!

Jesslyn & Travis Paton

Dear Friends, Family of Portia,

I never personally knew Portia, I go to Farm Cove Intermediate in Howick, I am 13 years old, and the tragedy happened on my birthday. And was absolutely heartbroken when I heard of the tragedy. I knew Mr McLean who also passed. He used to teach at our school before leaving to take on the world and go to Elim.

I watched the videos of Portia and her friends and family, and was in tears, because she was obviously a beautiful person. One of my English assignments was to write a letter about someone who inspired us, I decided to write it about Portia. I have played netball against Portia, and she was good! You think about these things happening in other places, but when it hit close to home, it shocked and stunned all of us.

I would have loved to have met Portia, when I heard of the tragedy, I came and sat down in the church, and mourned. I'm sure the times were hard, but I know that she is looking down on you, probably smiling with her friend Natasha telling you to be strong!  and keep smiling, from now on I go by her and Natasha's motto... JUMP IN PUDDLES... and always live life to the full. Not that I knew any of them except for mr Mclean, I still pray that they are OK up in heaven, but I know god is looking after them, and that they are safe!

I hope one day to meet Portia, and be good friends with her, just like those people in the videos! I hope you stay strong.

God Bless, Jump in Puddles!!!


hey Portia,

i didnt Know you that well but I always saw you with a smile on your face!
I hope your resting in peace and hopefully ill see your gorgeous smile again!




I didn't know Portia but my heart goes out to her family. From what i've seen she was an amazing person and im sure you're very proud of her and im sure she has touched the people's lives she knew in one way or another. Be strong and god bless.

Jodie xoxo

To the McPhail family

my condolences go out to you, in wake of such a devastaing and heart breaking tragedy, that was felt right across NZ.  I remember watching the news and crying.  I cried myself to sleep that night too.  And I didn't even know them. 

Portia, you are remembered everyday by your friends and family.  They love you to bits. Hope you're having fun  up there with God. One day I will meet you up there.

Once again you have my condolences

With love and hugs.

Aimee ss.

im missing u heaps i just wish i could see u one more time, you were everything to me pretty much doing my house work but me just being lazy.you tort me a lot of things more things than i could do by myself.

love you

jacob mcphail

That video of Portia and Tash made me smile. It also made me think that they are dancing and celebrating in heaven together.

Jayna Richardson



Although I did not know you, you and the other students and teacher of elim's passing seemed to have a big impact on me. You were and still are an amazing person.

Everyone has so much love for you. Your family and friends are just so awesome!

Hope your having a good time up there and maybe we can meet someday. :)

R.I.P Portia.


I never knew Portia, but she looks like such a wonderful person who lived a truly full and meaningful life. Like I said, I never met her. However, her passing as well as that of her five class mates has touched me greatly and has had a huge impact on the way I live my life. My thoughts and prayers are with her and her family. You will be reunited with eachother in Heaven. =] Much love, and may I say how beautiful this website is. It truly seems like it suits Portia. x x x


I keep thinking of you, beautiful.
God bless you up there!


shes truely beautiful.
god watch over her family and friends.


I write this at night having just finished wiping & scraping  the mud off my 19mth old boy's clothes - today he jumped in puddles...lots of them! In the past as any mum would agree, I would steer him clear of the pot holes of water surrounding the park. Not today, I watched with tears and with joy at my son relishing in this newfound fun.

We only ever met Portia as a young child, and i's no surprise that she grew into a beautiful young woman.  Paul & Nadia, you have created a wonderful family with good old fashioned faith and values and you must be so proud of Portia and the boys.

Children are the reward of life and tomorrow it's my turn to Jump in Puddles!!

With much love

Louise, Steve and Daniel xxx

I unfortunately didn't get the privellage of meeting Portia but i have friends that were close to her and her friends that also passed on. My love is with Portia's family and friends. Sorry for your loss. x x xlove


Your daughter is beautiful.


Even tho' we are seperated in the "now"... (your voice and smile are missed terribly,-- it doesn't get easier, the missing you Portia!!) we know beyond a shadow of doubt,  you are alive and well and perfect in peace, joy, love, you will greet each of us as we join you...its just very hard this element called "Time" ....miss you soo much....


To the Mcphail family,

I've never known your girl but know how great the loss is not only for you but for the rest of us who are in deep sorrow. Just like yourselves, the seven are always in our mind. There is not a single day that goes by without thinking of that beautiful smile and asking 'why God, WHY?' But believe me your daughter is in heaven with Tash and the others and celebrating and dancing just like in the video. They are all happy out there and will unite with the us one day in heaven!!
Take heart and muster courage, she is with you all the time in soul, heart and mind. She couldnt be elsewhere. Your only loss is her body which belongs now to the lord!

May God's peace be with your family always.


I am  a mum of two beautiful girls, aged 17 and 15, wanting to let you know that you and the other families are still very much in my thoughts.  I cannot even begin to comprehend your loss, just simply let you know that as each day goes by, and life carries on, you are not forgotten.  This website is a beautiful tribute to your beautiful Portia. always.

Sharon Rochards

I remember that Portia always stuck up for me and her little brother Jacob. Portia is a very kind and loving friend, i remember when i first saw her which was in her room watching home and away.

Susan Luong

Hey portia :D

wow, 3 months today.

I remember ages and ages ago I first saw you at epic hanging out with candy and mikey I think. And I saw you smile, wowwweeeee that made me smile! you're such a beautiful girl Portia I wish I got to know you more, we only hugged once just before you were leaving to catch the bus back from epic but I'm never going to forget that hug!

A true insperation hun!

see you in heaven babe


Hi Portia,

What a beautiful, awesome young lady you are. I loved your gentle spirit, I loved the way you and Tasha had some much fun, so alive, so on fire for Jesus. You will be sadly missed Portia.

Thank you for sharing your beautiful daughter with us, you have every reason to be proud of her. It was evident by her outlook on life you had done a awesome job guiding her through her 16 years.(God will be daying what a great job you did as parents.

My prayers are with you every day. We will always JUMP IN PUDDLES now.

Many Blessings from our Father's Abundance x x

Deana (Natasha's Nana)

I just wanted to say this is a lovely site and a lovely way to share the memories of Portia with everyone. I did not know her but feel like I do now. It seems she and Natasha had many people that loved them so much and whose lives they enriched. I still think about the day the group lost their lives a lot.

My thoughts are with all the families involved in this terrible tragedy. Good to know you will meet again in heaven :)

Sarah Pyke

Wow. Lost for words.

I miss you more than i can possibly say Portia aka Oporto! =] Ahaha Remember that! You stood by me through everything! When I lost my best friend to suicide, when I had to move out and live with my grandparents, when my family and I were having a rough time, when i stopped believing, you were there through it all! Me being only 12, i needed someone like you in my life. Because if I didn't meet someone like you, i proberly would have taken the road of suicide.

I Love You Like A Big Sister! Your family has my support and i want them to know this... Portia dedicated her short life to doing good deeds, but she didn't do that! She did Great deeds! She helped me even when i didn't want help! She hugged me even when i pushed her away! And she heard me even when i whispered! Forever will you stay in my heart Porsh! Love You

Monique Diver

Hello Portia,

I miss you really much!!!!

Trips to Auckland will NEVER be the same again. I have always looked up to you and I still do. I remember when i was younger, that I wanted to be just like you and I still do today (LOL) I can't wait to see you again!!!! I love you.

Loads and Loads of love


i miss portia.  she was a nice person who appreciated life and everything she had.

daniel castor

Even though i didnt know portia personally this story has amde an impact on me! my prares go out to the mcphail family, i have a few friends who knew her and i wish i knew her to because she sounds like a great bundle of joy

xx love janetta

Dear Portia,

I never had the honour of getting to know you, i think i met you once but that was about it.

You have touched many of my friends lives and you have inspired me to live a full life for God, and live everyday like it was my last.

I remember seeing you on myspace or bebo and when I was visiting in Auckland and thinking how amazingly beautiful you are! honestly!

There was a lot of press coverage here in Australia and I know you have actually impacted a lot of lives here (: its so awesome.

And to the McPhail family and friends of Portia,
Always in my prayers, I know God will be totally working in your lives. We have a great God (:

Take care and God Bless,

Rochelle Cooper

You will always be in our hearts and we will never forget you


hay hope u living the good life up with jc yah portia u had the most ausumest smile u were one ov the only one out ov the group that wouldent mock me lol u were a ausome gurl of god and evry one still misses u here on earth well see u soon wen i get up ther mch love shane keep smiling in heaven 


In memory of Portia

What a pretty young woman you were Portia. Never knew you, never met you. Your beauty, captured in images. that will be remembered. Yet, your zest for living, getting the most of out of life, although, sadly you are gone, you can still inspire, many young women to live life as you did. What a graceful young lady.

Susan Petersen (BOP)

as the time of your daughters birthday draws nearer i just want to share with you my deepest condolences - but also a funny memory of portias.

She was very frustrated by having an exam on her birthday in 2007
hope i brought a smile to your faces

chris sixt
year 12, Elim Christian College

Hi ya Portia...the time has flown by, but the missing your voice and smile, doesn't lessen... no doubt you all partied for tashas birthday..it will be very hard when yours comes around...your mum and dad and jacob are sunning themselves at the moment,  me I'm still plodding away at school...miss you more than those words convey xxxxxxxx


Hey Portia

Mum, Dad and Jake went on a well deserved break to Raro, it was great to see them relax, dad was a bit disturbed at having to get up early for some TKD things but it had to be done. We went up the side of the mountain to see the million dollar view and from just the looks from their faces you were there enjoying that view too. Jake lost his jandals so he roughed it on the second to last day, it was a great 5 days.

Kia Manuia

Cook Islands ITF

well wat can i say about portia i didnt no her well but from what i saw at school she and the others will be dearly missed i so wish i got to no her more because she was such an amazing person her personality was stunning and whenever i saw her at school she always had a smile on her face i still find it so hard to believe thats shes gone such an amazing girl my love and support goes out to her family forever xoxo


Your now in heaven and I bet your smiling down upon us

Your family are so proud of you

Emma Oneroa

Hiya portia   soooo missed you the other day   it was nats birthday and you were missing..couldn't help but miss your voice and smile...and I was planning on you doing the driving thing with Bean...he would have listened to you!!  always in my thoughts  xxxxx


have known Portia for years, first at St. Andrews, then at Elim. She was a beautiful girl, & I will never forget her.

Luv, Mellie.

I remember the very first time I met Portia.

I was working in the same office as her dad. Nadia brought Portia and Jono up to see Paul. I remember that I heard Portia before I saw her, calling to her dad ... then there she was, bounding up the stairs, huge eyes and blond hair bouncing. She was in her dads arms faster than I could blink! Greeted with a cheerful "Minnie" from Paul. She couldn't have been more than 3 years old. This is a cherished memory.

I love you guys!

Evette Mendisabal

To the mcphails

What an amazing family you are everyday we look across the road and count our blessings that we have you as neighbours. Portia was a precious gift, for us to have known her was a gift in itself to have shared in her life was truly a journey that we are glad to have shared, your strength is each other and the friends that surround you.

Kia kaha, kia maia, kia manawanui

Catherine Manning


You Always Had A Smile On Your Beautiful Face (=
And I Miss That Soo Much.

I Miss Texting Yuu. )=
Yuu Always Were There To Listen, With Your Great Words of Advice.
Yuu Always Had Something Amusing To Say.

Yur Friends And Family Have Been Amazingly Strong In Your Parting.
They Are An Impiration, Just Like Yuu.

Yuu Brought Me Back To God, And I Shall Never Forget That.
Yuu Loved And Worshiped Him So Much.
And I Know Your Having Such A Great Time In Heaven With Him.

6 Months Yesterday,
Yet It Still Seems Like Yesterday I Was Talking To You.

I Read This, And I Really Liked It, It Reminded Me Of You :

Death Is Nothing At All.
It Does Not Count.
I Have Only Slipped Away Into The Next Room.
Everything Remains Exactly As It Was.
The Old Life That We Lived So Fondly Together Is Untouched, Unchanged.
Whatever We Were To Each Other, That We Are Still.
Call Me By The Old Familiar Name.
Speak Of Me In That Easy Way Which You Always Have.
Put No Sorrow In Your Tone.
Laugh As We Always Laughed, At The Little Jokes We Enjoyed Together.
Play, Smile, Think Of Me, Pray For Me.
Let My Name Be Ever The Household Word It Always Was.
Let It Be Spoken With Effort.
Life Means All That It Ever Meant.
It Is The Same As It Ever Was.
There Is An Absolute And Unbroken Continuity.
Why Should I Be Out Of Mind, Because I Am Out Of Sight ?
Nothing Is Hurt; Nothing Is Lost.
One Brief Moment And All Will Be As It Was Before.
How We Shall Laugh At The Trouble Of Parting, When We Meet Again.
I Am But Waiting For You, At An Interval, Somewhere Very Near, Just Around The Corner.
All Is Well.

"Flower" - Your Friend From "The South"

Youre a beautiful person my dear, and i dont know you, yet you have impacted my life in ways no one will ever know, suicide was an option for me not that long ago but then i saw the representation of an amazing life you lived and i figured i dont wanna waste it

GOD BLESS and see you in Heaven, Coffee date??


Ive known you, portia for a long time. I didnt hang out with you much cos of the age difference but my first memory was when i hung out with you and sophie at sunshine ranch. I had alot of fun!

i miss versing you in netball and seeing you at school with your beautiful smile.
See ya soon =)


hey porsh !
Sitting here bored at home.
and i thought of you.
I miss you and your smile.
I can\'t wait to see you again.
Your amazing.
x x x

Love you.
be safe up there.

Kara Jones

hey portia!!

how are you? hope your having fun with tash and Jesus =]
i miss you so much, and i still think about you everyday.
i didnt know you that well. but i still super miss your smiles.. and the looks you gave my when i bounced up to talk to candice. lol.
but the times i did talk to you, you were amazing.
i cant wait to see you again.
it will be such a great reunion for everyone.
you were so special. i feel like ive known you my entire life now, and i feel like i went through this whole thing with you.
you helped my open my eyes and see Gods beauty and all that hes done for me. Thanks portia. =] my hero.

Portia's family,
you guys are amazing and youve inspire me so much. just the way you stuck together over the past months and held eachother up, its amazed me. there really are no words that describe how incredible you guys are. =] i pray for you everyday.

i love you so much porshie poo,
see you soon. =)


porcha,i dnt think yu will
know me but,it was tragic wat happened 2 yu..iam very sorry
but now yu r in gods hand..
i want yu 2 be happy there and alwas
rememba yu got us

now i just want 2 say R.I.P



I was listening to one of my fav songs the other day and one line in it just reminded me so much of you
"Cause a girl like you is impossible to find"

thats so true..u were one in a million..

Time has passed by but its still not any easier..i miss you just as much!

I wish we could have gotten closer and known each other better..but im soo glad i met you cauz u were and still are truely amazing!

Youll always be my friend x

Love you Forever and Always


Howick College


Portia is such a bright girl!! She was a great role model to young ones! Although I do not know her personally, it is still hard to get use to not seeing her around at Elim. She is gone, but not forgotten...

Annie F

My nana once told me that  the ones we love can be found in living things around us birds, trees, flowers and even other people.

When I visited Paul and Nadz to pay my respects, Nadz was talking about you, when you were little and out of no where a fantail bird flew inside and fluttered around for a few seconds in front of Nadz. 

I truly believe that this sweet bird was your way of telling Nadz you were there.

All my love to you and your family, you are forever in my thoughts

Sam Olding

Happy birthday, Portia.

Best wishes, Paul, Nadia, Jon and Jacob. I am thinking of you.


Birthday Blessings you beautiful girl...miss your smile and voice heaps, but so beleive you are having a ball in Gods presence....hope the angels put on a dance and spread for you today xxxxx

de boers

the angels put on a dance and spread for you today xxxxx

de boers

Nadz & Paul, we think of you often and especially today on Minnie's birthday.

A big hug to you both.

Barb & Alana Inglis

Happy birthday Portia!!

Hope you and Natasha are having a blast up there. You deserve it =)


Hey! I heard what happened. It's really sad. I didn't know you but from what I've heard you were a really nice person. R.I.P


I didn't know Portia but I know some people who knew her. You guys have been so strong, you must be proud of Portia. I really wish I could have known her she sounds like a neat girl. :D God bless. xox.


Hey Portia

We are leaving for the mission trip to Fiji tommorow and we all know that you were so pumped to come, I know that you will still be coming in all of our hearts.
We all know what a wonderful person you were and even though your time here was short you managed to change so many lives.


I just would like to say i have never met portia, but i go to a school close to hers and the day of the tragedy my school was not the same, there was crying in assembly and sad faces all around. As i say i have never met portia but she is an inspiration to me, the way she was and is remembered for is so inspiring, she seems like a very special person and I wish I got to know her. I feel for the family and friends of her. She will be in my heart forever. rest in peace (: xx

Brooke Brown

hey i didnt no ur daughter but by looking at her bebo seeing fotos and videos hearing about her she is such a beauful girl inside and out and i do wish her and tash were back the seem the girls that would walk into a room and put a smile on everyones faces. when i heard the song rory wrote for your daughter i was nearly in tears <3 i watched ur tribute to portia and i was in absolute tears.you and the rest of ur family never deserved this none of the kids parents that died deserved this <3 you should be so so proud of portia <3 im sure her and tash are up thre rite now singin and dancin along to hsm havin a great time in paradise <3  R.I.P portia(f)( L )  cant wait to see and have a wee chat to u up there =)  xxx


I really dont know portia at all but found out she was a lovely smiling caring fun kid to have around you.

To her family wish u my best wishes and hopefully she will come and visit you someday. I know she misses you and wishes she was here laughing and huging people she knew. I know she is safe and happy

My wish goes to you guys
you are donig well
the website is so so good 

Jess scott

Our love and thoughts will always be with you and your wonderful family.

Rachel Vaughan

Hi, i just wanted to say that Portia seemed to be just one of those beautiful and lovely people. Chanelle one of my bestfriends told me what a caring friend Portia was and how she tried everything and was there for everybody.I am really sorry about your loss and i think that Portia seemed to be an awesome to be around .

and i have never met portia, but she has inspired me to go out there and do what i want to do. She just seems like the person to love life and i fully respect her for that. R.I.P - Portia.

Jodi Sumpton

It's been 10 months now that you've gone, it still doesn't feel real. You were such a bright girl, we all love you.....:)


I had the privelidge of meeting Portia, just once. Even though it was only once, it was enough for her to change my life, what an amazing and vibrant young woman! A true sweet heart.

See you again someday Portia.

Thank you to the McPhails for sharing your daughter with us, such a blessing.


Hey, i never knew her but there are people i know who were mates with you, your a beautiful girl and hope you rest easy. Love goes out too her family and friends that miss her dearly. Rip portia


Dear McPhail family,

I stay in India and had heard about the gruesome tragedy to have taken place on 15/04/08 in NZ,was only recently given a link to this site by a friend in NZ, though a stranger to all of you, it was sad to have heard about 7 beautiful souls having left this world to join even a more beautiful place, of which, one is your so very pretty and lovely daughter Portia with a radiant smile on her face, and I can only say, please do not think of her as gone, she is just away, maybe her needs there were greater than the needs here ......may I also request you to pass on this message to the families of 6 other beautiful souls, May their souls rest in peace


" If tears could build a staircase, And memories a lane, We'd walk our way to heaven, And bring you home again"

Rest in Peace Portia McPhail

maureen antrea
Jumping in Puddles

I neve met portia in my life. i was reading in this magazine in 2007 january the 11th 2 be exact and there was this pen pal add for a gurl looking 4 a pen pal so i wrote 2 hur i was havin a really hard time come 6th of feb my nan passed away nd porch was there 2 gide me nd work the journey with me. 4months later i found out i was pregnant i was so sceard and didnt know wat 2 do and poohbear told me it was going to b ok and that god had a purpouse for everythng that he did...

portia helped me throught that tought part of my life. the week b4 tha accident i got my last letter. portia said she was so amped 2 b going on camp the following week nd how she loved doing out door stuff she ended with a i will rite 2 u wen i get home. im still waiting 4 that letter. i never got 2 thank u 4 helping me poohbear or 4 walking that journey with me... portiaz family use should b proud of hur she had a big impact on my life and i hope 2 meet use one day but 4 now poohbear i miss u s!

o much take care watch ova my boi love u tia

tia oppert


jst wanted to say that Portia was such an inspiration to me. her lovely comments, hugs and smiles just brightened up my day.

I love and miss u Portia!

lots luv
Siobhan (aka shibby)

To Portia Parents

I Never Had The Pleasure To Meet You But I Would Like To Congratulate You On Having Such An Selfless, Strong, Inspirational Baby Girl !

I Still Find It Hard To Believe She Has Gone, And I Cannot Comprehend How In 11 Days It'll Be A Year.

I Cannot Even Begin To Understand How Hard It Has Been / Still Is For You.
But I Found This Quote And I Would Like To Share It :     

"Anyone Can Give Up, It's The Easiest Thing In The World To Do. But To Hold It Together When Everyone Else Would Understand If You Fell Apart, That's True Strength."

I Really Do Hope All The Of McPhail Faimly Is Doing Okay

God Bless


You're beautiful, Porsh.


Portia was the most amazing girl I've ever met..

She always gave me someone to talk to at Oxygen. She was always so happy and always smiling, making the most of everything. She had this amazing glow that would surround her, it was like she was already a fallen Angel..

I miss you so much Porsh..

You gave me a reason to smile even when things seemed lost and broken..
Your amazing.. Hope you're enjoying Paradise- yYou earnt your wings hun..

Love ya and thinking of you as each day passes..

Jasmine S

Dear Nadia & Paul, Jon & Jake,

It is hard to believe it is so nearly a year since the tragic loss of Portia. We think and pray of you often, at the loss of such a precious sister and daughter, she was gorgeous as a little girl and had grown into such a beautiful faith filled young women. Our prayers are with you.


Marianne, Heta, Courtney, Rauna, Riah, Grace and Samuel

Hey Porshy.

It's been a year now and the fact that its been so long rips at my heart. i love you and miss you like crazy. my thoughts are with your family, especially today. i hope you're having fun up there with Jesus and Tash. &hearts; rest in peace my angel.x


This is a wonderful tribute to a beautiful girl. I have been thinking of you all a lot over this past year. Please know that my sympathy and love is with you today.


Hi the Mcphail Family,

Just want to let you know i am thinking of you today and i also didnt know portia to well but she was a lovely happy person and i will always remember that.  I hope you are all doing ok.

amy and joshua

I heard of the anniversary today on the radio and have now seen this website, and have shed tears again for your lovely girl. The body grieves with those who grieve, and I am praying for you and the families involved.I imagined Portia to be lovely, this sight proves just how lovely, thank you for sharing her with us.

Jan Dol

To the McPhail family, our thoughts are with you all today, as one year has passed. While you think of this day, it is no different from all the other days, as your love and beautiful memories of Portia carry you along your path everyday.

Kind regards Foster Family- Infinity.

Portia, its been a year.

I really cant believe it. i miss yourr smile, your lagh, your craked as stories..we all just miss you.

Love you


Hello Mcphail family

How lucky were u all ! to have the privileged to share  your lives with a unique being Portia! She is a beautiful soul who was destined to come here to light up your lives like a butterfly...keep flying gorgeous girl..........................

Nalini  Manikkam

Portia, its been a year and not a day goes by without myself and our family thinking about you. We miss you hon, your smile, just your whole presence!! You have left a big gap. Spent some time with Paul, Nadz and Jake and out of the blue seen your face in Nadz, it was a 'Portia' moment!! We love you honey and look forward to seeing you again!!

Sandy Dolbear

I saw this website in the memorials yesterday and today I felt compelled to look.  I never knew your beautiful daughter but this is an amazing tribute. It is very easy to flick past the news articles and brush it aside as it is too awful to think about.  But it could happen to any of us and the courage and strength you have shown is incredible.  I am thinking of you.


I never knew Portia, or Natasha. But I work in a bookstore and we just got 'Jumping In Puddles'in stock. I chucked it on..and wow.

Now Im a pretty emotionally in touch guy...and I have to tell you it choked me up good..lol. And it touched my heart.

Jump In Puddles...it says it all.

Phil Heslop

Just sending out all my love for Nadz, Paul, Jono and Jake xx.

Thinking about all the hardships you have gone through and hoping that you understand shes up there with Jesus. Live every day to the fullest because shes up there watching all of us, and i dont think she wants us to be unhappy and sad all the time.

I have many many memories of Porsh which i will keep forever and its true when people say she smiled alot. She was and honest and true friend, and even though we moved schools and didnt see each other very often, i would still get random texts from her often with funny jokes.

Love you, and miss you heaps babe! xxx

Jess Jenkin

What a beautiful tribute this site is. I did not know Portia but have children and could not imagine life without them. I'm thinking of you.


Dear Nadia, Paul and boys. 

We remember Portia as a wee girl when we all homeschooled together and we would come to your place for german lessons..what fun days they were.. Portia was such a beautiful little girl and grew into a beautiful young woman...you  must be proud. Our thoughts are with you..

Sandra and Adam Delany

I was very sad when I heard about this terrible tragedy and one year later I still feel sad when I think about what had happened that day.

I never knew Portia or any of the other victims, but they would have been an amazing bunch of people. It is hard, but it will get easier as time goes on and she will always be with you in spirit.

Emma Hardwick

hello nadja, paul, jonathan and jacob,

last year we plantet a tree in our garden in memory of portia (like gisela and heidi did)- now one year later i want to send you a photo of the lovely tree which is in flower since some days. we are keeping you in mind, especially when we thought about the tragedy on 15th of april. we hope you are going well, take care of you,

Katja, Michael, Lasse & Emil from Osnabrck/ Germany

hey porschy pop

theres not a day that goes by that i dont miss you and your beautiful face!! you are such an amazing girl with so much strength! you've taught me alot of things in life that i will treasure forever!

Love always and forever

Emma Millward

Hey Porshy..

Was thinking about you today more than ever.. Wish I knew where you were buried so I could come see you and talk to you..
I know they say Angels are all around us and no matter what they hear us, but its differant.. Want to feel close to you again..
Miss you so much..
More and more every day..

Jasmine S

Hey Porsh,

You're a really awesome girl.. hope you know that =]

Hope you and Tash are having the mean time in Heaven with all the others. You're really missed down here. You're so beautiful, Porsh, inside and out, and you're radiance has inspired so many people.

Can't wait to see you.
<3 x <3 x



cant say i know her, but from all the videos, messages and photos iv seen, she seems like one amazing person. my school was on camp  in taupo at the exact same time as it happened, when we heard about what happened, even we started crying. hearing all the news, just put tears in our eyes. shes beautiful, and will be forever. x

Holly Dallinger

we all loved you portia we still think about u u were so pretty and u inspired me


im going to say that i didnt know portia or the others personally but i do know that those that did loved them all DEARLY !

i have seen tribute pages, videos, songs even and so there's just one thing i'd like to say, i have a 'jump in puddles' (which i believe was her and her friends motto) badge and im PROUD to wear daily, EVERYWHERE i go.


Just thought we'd leave a message to say sorry for your loss and that you had a beautiful daughter/sister/neice...  I think its true that only the good go young (just like our mum) From what we have read of the many beautiful messages she was a very caring, inspiring & lovely natured young woman.  Cherish the short amount of time you had together and know that she is your guardian angel looking after you all from the other side.

All our strength all our love

Melissa & Sally Lennox (Susie Pontings Daughters)

You are so beautiful. I miss you. Hope you and Tash are having the best day today. It must be so hard for her family.


Portia Portia Portia!

Well, I hope today you and Tash are celebrating her 18th! Gosh hun, This time has gone fast and slow at the same time. To lose you was one of the hardest things I have ever been faced with, but to know you was one of the things in my life i really will cherish forever. I write you little notes everyday. I hope you find them. It makes me happy to know that I still have you to talk to. I miss you so much and I can't wait to see you when I walk through those gates. I hope you're there, waiting with open arms.

Enough of my babbling though Portia. I should go to bed! It's very late! Sweet dreams, princess. i love you. p.s, would you please hand me the teapot? :)

Madison Hope

Portia, I didn't Know You Very Well, But It's Heartbreaking Knowing That This Happend To Someone So Beautiful Like You, I Pray For Your Family And Friends And That You Are Having A Lovley Time Up There With The Lord, And Watching Over Us With Your Shinning Smile.

You Are More Than Just Another Person In This World Portia, You're An Angel.
We All Love You And Miss You So Much


Hey portia!

wow. you have inspired me, i am amazed at how your life has impacted mine, even though i didnt  know you. you are such an amazing person and it wouldve been a pleasure to meet you(:


Your'e in heaven now and we struggle to walk through this journey called life knowing that you were snatched from our midst.

May you be blessed as an angel in heaven, and as we look up into the dark night, we will see you twinkling as as a blessing from above.

Love you Portia, God bless you my dear child.


hey porshy =)
happy birthday, i love you so much and can\'t wait to see you again!
love from tash.


Happy Birthday Min.

Love Dad

Happy Birthday Portia! Thinking of you...

Love always Mike, Tracey, Lachlan, Sophie & Charlotte xoxoxo

Happy 18th Birthday beautiful. I miss you like summer butterflies :)
love you missy



Merry Christmas and great New Years up there.


first of all. Portia is a beautiful name and wow!!.

I did not even know portia. But by just looking at her you can tell she was a very kind,loving and very good looking young girl. It brought tears to my eyes when i saw her picture in the tribute on youtube. What gets me is that i do taekwon-do and i could of had the chance to meet her.  But Portia is in heaven now. And God will protect her. MAY GOD BLESS THE FAMILY OF PORTIA....and you are in my prayers. Xxooxxoo

Stacey F

To me, fair friend, you never can be old
For as you were when first your eye I eyed,
Such seems your beauty still.
- William Shakespeare


"I miss you even more than I could have believed; and i was prepared to miss you a good deal." ~Vita Sackville-West

two years and still not a day goes by when i dont look at your picture on my wall and think of you. I hope you're having fun up there.x


As we remember you once again this day, silent tears fill our hearts. May God bless you and keep you safe in his tender loving care.


I never met you, but you sound like a truly amazing person.

To your family:
I admire you all, for being so incredibly strong.
Although it's been more than 2 years, I know time cannot truly heal the loss of Portia.
If this tragedy taught us anything, it's that people should treasure every moment, don't hold grudges and live life to the full because things can change at any moment.

God bless.


hey portia

well i never met you but i am inspired by your story to live life to the fullest and with no regrets.


I have never met you, but you have to be one of the most beautiful girls i have ever seen. I am saddened by what has been taken away from this world. It seems to loose something beautiful everyday. I have watched videos and looked at photographs on this website and i have cried because i couldn't imagine the pain that your family has gone through. It's unfair that things like this happen, especially to the people who don't deserve it. I tell you what, you have all taught us a very valuable lesson. Don't take life for granted. You seemed like the type of girl that wouldn't be afraid to step outside of her own comfort zone. I think of you as someone who had the courage and the strength to overcome any situation.

I know that we haven't ever met each other, but you look so familiar to me.I''m trying to figure out where i have seen you before. I think that you might\'ve been friends with some of my friends, but i'm not too sure.

I hope that you are having fun with your friend Natasha in heaven and eating all you can eat buffets, where its never cold and raining and where there's an endless supply of anything you could ever imagine.

The world misses you Portia.

The McPhail Family: I am so sorry for your loss, i hope that every day you srtive on through any barriers with all of your heads held high. You are very strong.

Rest In Peace Portia.


Message: Such a strong family.
Thinking of you everyday poo
We all still love you


I certainly miss u Portia but i know u r looking after my nan for us. You will always b in our hearts.....


i still think about you often.. wish we had stayed in touch.. i hope your smiling down on us in heaven! xxxx forever in our hearts !

Megan Diamond

i remember back in 3rd form at the waitangi camp, and i pretended to kiss you and kelly got real upset hahaha. wish i kept in touch with you elim guys, know your in heaven smiling down. x




Happy birthday for yesterday Portia.. Wow, 19. I love you, I miss you.. Jump in puddles baby girl..


I've been thinking of you today. Been pretty down; thinking about life and how everything moves so fast. How I can't seem to keep track of the days and months. You came to my mind. Your Positive smile and Beautiful heart. My goodness you are all missed so much.

This life isn't the same when loved ones go is it? What are you doing up in heaven? I hope you have a beautiful house and that every lunch you sit down and eat with Jesus and at night you and Tash dance together in the moonlight. Waiting for the rest of us to come and join you. I know you two are happy where you are. I miss you . And Love you. And think of you so often it hurts. xx Thankyou for being a part in my life.


Wow, its so crazy that you are gone Portia! It has been a while a couple of years now but it is still surreal. I remember you were my first friend at Girls Brigade and you were just so welcoming and so warm and bubbly. I know that your in heaven now. RIL

To Portia's whanau, I know it doesnt get any easier but God is the only answer during these times. God bless you all so very very much. <3 xx


My dear, wonderful, beautiful girl. It's been 3 years tomorrow since you were taken from this earth and it still feels like yesterday. For the last week you've especially been on my mind. Every time I close my eyes I see your lovely smile and I get a tear

in my heart forever

3 years have passed and your family still stays strong, Raro is starting to look like a second home to them you would have loved it Im sure. Big brother is getting married!!! and Jake has bounced back into TKD with avengence, if you see my little girl there give her hugs pls xx


Portia. Three years today, who knew time would pass so quickly. It's still strange to think that you're not here growing up. We're missing you still. Three years closer to seeing you. We carry you in our hearts on Earth and God carries you in his hands in heaven. Love you forever.


wow, three years huh??seems like forever ago, yet at the same time it feels like yesterday..I miss you. always x


Porsh, I miss you every day, I've spent the last 2 hours reading the messages left on your page, and on Tasha's.. I sit here laste at night and fall to pieces knowing its been more than 3 years.. It kills me every day to know the world has lost your beautiful voice and heart and soul.. You are amazing Portia.. I was going to get a tattoo of your name, and I had designed something to go around it for you, but I didnt want to get it without permission from your parents, 3 years later and I still cant get hold of them..

Baby girl you make every thing shine brighter, you make the colors stand out and your advice has given me an edge on my photography, hearing your voice in my head every time i go to take a shot.. Missing you more and more each day.. I love you always...


Hi Porsh,

I hope you realise that even though I didn't know you, I still think about you every day. You remind me to embrace every moment just as much now as you did three years ago. Time, distance and separation will not dim the impact you have had. You are beautiful in every sense of the word, and your light will continue to shine the hearts and minds of thousands. I will never, ever forget you. That''s a promise. You're simply amazing.


To such a beautiful family, we think of you often and will always be in our hearts. Portia is so lucky to have such fantastic people. xoxoxoxox

Kirsten Eady

Happy Birthday Portia <3

Emma Millward

Thinking of you all today. Although we only met Portia a couple of times we have memories of her lovely smile.

Desiree and Ryan

Its been 4 years now, and still every day I think of you.

I lost my way from God and the church, I was selfish and missed you so much that I just wanted to sit in the corner and cry some days.

You drew me out of my shell at Oxy, you helped me find my way. You were an Angel long before you ever had wings.. You saw past my tattoos and loved hearing the stories behind them all.

One day, if I see your parents and they allow-I would love to get one for you. Just something simple but extremely deep-just like you.

Im reading my Bible again and I can hear you reading the words to me as I turn the pages. Your passion for God is intoxicating. You proved that Angels walk among us- you and Tash.

Rest in Peace Porsh, Ill be with you soon,

Love always,


I'm not sure why I'm visiting your webpage today Little P ... just ended up here for some reason and it hurts ... still! Rest peacefully.


Hi there.....I found this page today and have been extremely touched by it...to the point where I feel I am re examining my life.

I am a teacher at Southern Cross Campus. 24 hours ago our girls soccer team played against Elim in the final...won by Elim 4-1. I helped our team and was at that game. A chain of events occured since then which has led me to this place.

I woke up this morning...went to school...one of my students who was at the game the night before spoke to the class about the game and the students asked questions. We decided to have a look at the school that had beaten us so went on to the Elim website. It was there that I remembered the tragedy of 4 years ago....we found the memorial link and our class started to read the stories of the young people who tragically lost their lives. We spent an entire lesson reading the memorial page...very sobering for our class...and eventually went to the links outside of the Elim page...which led us here...to Portia's web page.

The song "Since you Been Gone" playing on her main page immediately struck a cord with me....being a Christian that has long turned away from the faith...it brought back so much. The photos of Portia's life... a young lady with so much to give...touched me immensely.

For the first time in years I have started to rethink about my life since walking away from God. I have grown cold over the years...but this page...the small insight into the life of a beautiful young lady, her family, her friends, and how she has made an impact on those around her...it brought me back to the days when I really cared about people...my days as a Christian who loved people. A time when I used to feel so fulfilled and happy. In short....Portia's life modelled the lifestyle of a person who gave. Which is something I have lost. Her testimony coming through this site challenges me to be a person who gives. Someone who cares about others before self.

There are a few actions which I now know I must take.

Thank you to those who have created this page. It has been 4 years since the tragedy...but I can say what happened has had an impact on my life today....a life changing impact.

Lots of love to you all.

Herbert Tanuvasa

kia ora my name is nicola sara cherrington i will like to leave a message for portia.

hi portia i know you dont really know me but my cousin pania knows your father that he's a master and runs PaulM Papakura im so sorry we didnt get to meet each other i will like to say to you i love you, i miss you and i care for you and your whanau that you didnt make it you would have been the best family member and the best person ever my wish and love go forward to u have the best life in heaven portia

Nicola Sara Cherrington

Hi Portia i think you dont know me but i am a member of tribal taekwondo i didnt get to meet you because of what happened i love you with all my heart you were the best friend of so many people and my heart goes on send all my love to you Portia.

Love Pania Wharewaka

5 years has gone so fast but it seems like forever cause you arent here. Miss you every single day. Jumping in Puddles for you and tash today <3

Looking back over the pictures and videos makes me realise how young you were. 5 Years ago now, its amazing how fast time has gone. I wish i could have grown up with you and seen you become a wonderful woman which i could look up to, because you are so genuine and beautiful. It's such a sad thought. I am sorry this happened. Portia is a beautiful soul.


Im sitting here, researching your Dad for sports nominations, and I come across this beautiful dedication to you. I have no words only tears.

(I'm a mum) , but i couldn't pass by without saying Hi. and bless you and your family xxxxxxxxxx

Wells Family



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