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Old Photos

Kapiti Coast Members visting Papakura Branch as a part of their
TKD Road Tour - February 2004

Paul M Taekwon-Do Black Belts (plus Matty Breen) met at
Mr McPhails residence to plan the first half of 2004.
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Club Photo - December 2003

Club Photo Feb 2002

Amanda Brown, Harmony Moki and Rebekah Prasad

Mike Peetz

Club Photo - 1999


Mr Mark Banicevich kicks Dan Jackson

Mr B's Twin foot turning kick

Nick Howdle and Carolyn Quinlan

p-photo5.jpg (32744 bytes)
Club photo - September 1998
p-photo2.jpg (12306 bytes)
Mr Evan Davidson and Mr Paul McPhail demonstrating Tong-Il Tul
at the 1998 national Tournament

p-photo8.jpg (12123 bytes)
Miss Gemma Walton and Miss Toni Moki

p-photo6.jpg (11307 bytes)
Mr Dan Jackson

p-photo4.jpg (10986 bytes)
Mrs Glenis Gummer

p-photo3.jpg (22968 bytes)
Papakura Club at Tui Ridge Camp, Rotorua, January 1997

p-photo1.jpg (16217 bytes)
Mrs Jill Walton and Miss Gemma Walton

Mrs Nadia McPhail - in Brisbane, late 80's.

Paul McPhail and Dr Gerry Woollard - 1984

Note from General Choi
Other Photos

Black Belts

Latest Photos

Photos 2010

Photos 04-09

Demonstration - Papakura Normal Garla Day 2004

Demonstration - Brookby School - 11 Oct 2003

Photos of the Club Picnic on Saturday 16th March 2002

Old Photos